For the Love of Green Salad. Yes, Really…

True confession: Green salad and I have never been friends. “Cow chop grass, me chop grass too? Kai!” is a ‘local’ phrase I once heard that encapsulates my sentiments towards any uncooked food, especially green salad! So when I recently caught myself relishing a bowl of green salad, I couldn’t help but marvel at the pathway to this sudden love affair – hunger!

With New Year still fresh upon us, and those resolutions basking in enthusiasm (while it lasts), I also made up my mind to be watchful of my eating habits. I noticed on several occasions and particularly after Christmas, that I was eating way too much and way too often! Some self-control wouldn’t hurt. And then a brilliant idea came to mind: what if I temporarily ‘detoxed’ on Saturdays via ‘intermittent fasting’ until 5 pm and then slowly eased back into a more acceptable eating ritual of three meals per day on Sundays? Green salad seemed a good option to break the fast and ease back into regular meals.

Green Love ©5+ A Day

And I was pleasantly surprised that I actually enjoyed eating green salad! This would certainly not have been the case had I eaten earlier that day. It is amazing what hunger can do! And the best part of it all is the amount of self-discipline (at least with food) that emerges from this practice of restraining yourself from eating for just ¾ of a day! I look forward to manipulating this hunger-rendezvous into a more beneficial habit of healthy food choices thereafter. Care to join me? (While the enthusiasm lasts? Wink wink!). Here’s to a Happy and Healthy New Year 2018!

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