Snippets of Amusement – At the Fault Line

Madam’s theory is this: When hanging any fabric that bleeds color on the drying line (point in case – heavily dyed African print dresses), hang them by the shoulders.

You’re colourful ©LPV

“That way” she says, “any unsightly colour blobs coalescing from the bleed will end up at the bottom hem – where no one would notice, as opposed to the neckline where everyone stares!”

It was not that Madam’s bloody theory was wrong, it was rather her propensity to see fault in everything Lola did that chafed against her only surviving nerve. So she politely thanked Madam for her ‘ingenuity’ and then, when she was sure Madam had retreated indoors and was spying on her through the kitchen louvers facing the drying line, slowly hung every single one of them by the hem!

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