‘Tis the Season for Travels

I’m certainly not the expert here but I do know a thing or two (literally two) about travelling that could ease up your trip. Here’s my two cents worth:

Liquid proof ©Reddit
  • Liquids: When packing liquids, forget neat, think practical. I learnt this the hard way after a horrific messy incident. I have resorted to using cling wraps or such similar plastic material to seal off liquids and then firmly securing them with cellotape (double-duty seal proof technique). It may not look neat, but arriving its destination intact is what really matters.
  • Sentimental items: Hold on tight to your valuables people! (e.g. jewellery, gadgets etc). If you must pack them in your main luggage, tuck them away in soft fabric for protection against abrasions (baggage abuse is real) and from those greedy eyes of baggage inspectors et al. I once arrived home to a man wailing at the baggage terminal because his jewellery, perfumes and gold watches (from Paris, he emphasised), had been stolen from his luggage “A bunch of thieves!” he screamed over and over again, examining the damaged suitcase – zips had been ripped off. Alas, there was nothing else he could do!

    It’s real…©Jamie W

May the good Lord grant us all journey mercies. Happy holidays everyone.

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