Singlehood Rant! Warning: Read at your own risk!

Disclaimer: I love and respect the institution of marriage and the following comes from frustrated personal experiences of society’s discrimination against singlehood.


In the words of Prophetess Juanita Bynum which strongly resonate with me: “I find it very difficult (emphasis mine) to listen to anybody preach to me about being single, when they’ve got a pair of thighs in their bed every night!…No no no! Go. Sit. Down. I want to hear ‘hold on’ from somebody who is really holding on. I want to hear ‘hold on’ from somebody who knows my struggle”.

Ring-ing it

So, to the hitched Christian sisters preaching on singlehood, purposefully lifting the ring finger laden with rocks, I (et al.) sure can’t hear you, honey. The rock is too loud! I once saw a singles seminar with the speaker’s wedding photo inflated and plastered across the pulpit. Hm.

Now, dear Catholic churches, if you ever see this message (what are the chances?), your congregation is pregnant with people who are neither ‘mama dem’ nor ‘papa dem’ and for various valid reasons. Since the clergy (ahem, should) constitute a similar category of single people, we would benefit immensely from seminars on how to fully contribute to the betterment of society as unmarried people. From my experience, we are a ‘forgotten’ category and often looked down upon.

Forgive us Father for we have sinned…

This, in my opinion, is a trend across many religious institutions. And in the rare occasion that the single category is remembered, the speakers would be married couples who have long lost touch with today’s dating reality. I recently heard a married brother proclaiming boldly from the pulpit “stay single!” and I thought, “Why the f@$% didn’t you?” (The rant continues in Part2, coming up soon).

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