Moral Junk Status

In case you’ve been living under a rock these past few days, let me gladly bring you up to speed with this newsflash – we’re living in junk!

Dahlink Bamenda

All kinds of junk: economic junk (hello South Africa!), moral junk (anyone out there?), conventional junk (Bamenda darling, special photo insert just for you!)… But let’s focus on moral junk for now.

“How Mark and I kept our affair a secret from his wife” is an actual magazine cover, complete with sparkling toothpaste-advert smiles from the adulterous couple. And guess what, that magazine will be sold out in a matter of weeks. Turn on your television or internet and you are inundated with nudity and all sorts of pornographic material. Try listening to music, your eardrums will be marinated in colorful language that your kids sing and dance to everyday. Nine year old children are being arrested for rape nowadays! How can we change the narrative of this catastrophic story? I suggest we start with the wo/man in the mirror. Here’s how:

©Matt Zavadil

Practice some self-control

Don’t waste your time or hard-earned money perpetrating pollution from these sleazy no-brainer television shows and trashy magazines. You know better than to buy gossip magazines don’t promote such filth! Anything that doesn’t add positive value to your life is not worth your time, energy or money. So be the upright citizen and walk away from such moral decadence. Without your money to spur on the trash, the producers will go bankrupt.

Your voice, your weapon

Never underestimate the power of speech, it can definitely effect change in society. How about voicing out your disgust at today’s low moral values through the various public outlets available to you? Tweet about it, blog about it, raise awareness within your circle of friends or colleagues. Create better alternatives such as starting a book club, where you can uplift one another through the power of books. I’m not in any way suggesting that change or success can be achieved overnight. What I’m highlighting is the possibility of positively impacting a life through genuine effort.


We can do this, beautiful people! Our society is crumbling and it needs YOU to make a positive impact. Do your bit in making that positive change within and around you. And just in case you are still underestimating yourself, let me leave you with this little potent quote by the Dalai Lama: “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” I would know. I’m from West Africa.

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