3 Tips for Natural Hair Care in the Desert

Hair Me Out! Part 6 Eureka! – After the shocking unpleasant discoveries in my first year of returning natural, things were finally falling into place. First off, a long awaited move to a new city.

Secondly, I stumbled upon the natural hair community on YouTube. This new discovery brought about a wealth of information that came in very handy when I traveled to the Kalahari Desert.

A fast approaching sandstorm in the Desert

Desert Lessons

“It’s like gold dust, you hear it smashing…” through your face and afro! I called Kalahari home for a year while conducting research. In hind sight, the remoteness of this desert was a safe haven for me to experiment on my hair without the ever-so-prying eyes and pressures of modern day living.

Here are the top 3 hair lessons I mastered in the desert:

  • Moisture is a must! Natural hair and particularly type 4c, is often very thirsty. Desert weather exacerbates the dryness of your hair and daily moisture becomes an absolute must. I made up a daily spritz mixture of leave in conditioner and water (50:50). In my line of duty, I could go about my research while “green housing” my hair simultaneously. Bliss!


  • Seal the deal baby! That moisture will quickly evaporate leaving your hair brittle and prone to breakage unless you seal in the moisture with oils like Black Castor oil (no endorsement received. I wouldn’t mind one though, he he).


  • Protective styling is key! Protective styling (twists, cornrows etc) is crucial for moisture retention particularly when sandstorms and soaring temperatures are the norm. Try leaving your afro out for a day and watch your tresses transform into the stiffest straws known to man.

Mastering these three lessons resulted in my afro flourishing in the desert – how ironic! So, the next time life shoves you down a desert (of any kind), bear in mind that it could be your fertile ground to blossom in.

Check out how far we’ve come…Part7 up soon

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