Embarrassing Discoveries of Going Natural

Hair Me Out! Part 4: Still feeling high and light from a recent big chop, and even lighter after a refreshing shower-shampoo session, I was alarmed when I peered into the mirror later that day and saw my hair covered in white flakes. How could this be? I slathered on some pomade from my extensive cabinet collection and…. more dandruff; this time, shinier! I didn’t know what to do. Back then, sisters with natural hair were few and far between, as was useful advice on natural hair care. Hair conditioners did not even feature in my hair care regimen, talk less of L.O.C – Liquid, Oil and Cream – the holy trinity of today’s natural hair care movement.

Bald and Beautiful

And Then the Shock at Work!

Upon my return to work after the big chop, I got compliments on my new near-bald look but also some major side looks of disapproval. A colleague who just couldn’t hide her disappointment lamented: “Oh no! Why did you cut your hair?” before quickly exiting the office. Needless to say I was in for a hell of a ride, starting off with the rude comment at the barber’s shop and proceeding with a hectic dandruff battle, among other things. In a bid to get rid of the dandruff, I plunged deeper into daily shampoo scrubs, sadly, to no avail!

Fast forward to one year later and I wish I could say something cute and final like eureka! but alas, I was still fighting off my dandruff demons in the shower. Oh, and did I mention that my series of faith cleansing rituals hadn’t done jack for me yet? Talk about patience testing! Thankfully, some positive changes started to trickle in…Check out Part 5.

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