Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow! The Big Chop

Hair Me Out! Part 3: The biggest and best hair decision I made after nearly two decades of chemically processing my hair, was on Friday the 11th January 2013. I remember vividly walking into a barbing studio early that morning and demanding it be chopped off! The barber’s response caught me off guard: “You are lazy and don’t want to take care of your hair. Otherwise, why are you cutting it?” I was hurt by his sharp remark but didn’t waste my energy on justifications. I simply ignored him.

Sneak peek; new looks

Minutes later, I felt the cold hair clipper grazing close to my scalp, slicing off layers of fragile, chemically damaged hair. It didn’t take him long to complete the job (duh, there was hardly any hair to begin with!). As I inspected the aftermath of this big chop, it broke my heart to see what I had put my hair (and scalp) through all those years – bleached, thin, frail, completely damaged hair!

The Perks of Going Natural

The first perk of going natural is the cheap hair cut bill of just R30 (~ 2$) – by far the cheapest hair bill I’ve ever paid. I walked out of the barbing studio feeling as light as a feather. A weight had been lifted off my shoulders and to say I was relieved would be an understatement. In my books, this new look (and feelings to match) were the true embodiment of New Beginnings. I stepped into the shower without a care in the world! Gone were the days of elaborate ‘hair-saving’ techniques before showering (particularly after a fresh perm or hairdo).

And then it happened! Only minutes into going natural, I was caught off guard by a very embarrassing experience. Part 4 coming up soon.

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