Accidentally in Love

Hair Me Out! Part 1: Accidentally in love, is how I would describe this return journey to my roots (aka natural hair journey). In this first section of my 7 part hair series, I will highlight some shocking hair care practices in the black communities that still persist to this day. I know them all too well, having been a victim myself. As I share with you this very personal (and often embarrassing) hair journey, my hope is that you learn from my mistakes and help others in implementing healthier hair care practices. Hair we go…

Going back to my roots

It was never my intention to go natural. In fact, I had never even heard of the natural hair care community that is challenging mainstream beauty standards across the world today. My natural hair journey was a by-product of a bigger and more traumatic life experience completely unrelated to hair. But before I plunge into that, let’s take a closer look at the harsh practices still persisting in the Black Community today.

Intense Abuse in the Black Hair Care Industry

Scalp burn from chemical treatments is just one of the many beauty rituals black women endure. Those “stubborn kinks” have to be ironed out of existence at any cost, and I do mean any cost! Your chemically bruised and tender scalp still haemorrhaging blood and bodily fluids is further ‘set ablaze’ by maximum heat from a hairdryer because salons need to make money and time is money. Such intense abuse in the name of beauty is an everyday occurrence in black communities. And we actually pay exorbitant prices for this inhumane cancer-inducing service too!

Hairline Gone vs. Original and Strong!

Barely out of chemical treatment and your fried and limp hair is immediately arrested in tight braids.

Speak up woman!

Many black women have suffered irreparable hair damage (aka traction alopecia) particularly along their delicate hairline thanks to these ruthless hair practices. Funny enough, hairdressers are quick to point at your receding hairline in shock, demanding to know “what happened here?” (As if! Smh). Telling them the cause doesn’t even deter them from attempting to yank off the fragile remaining hair strands, in the name of “neat braids”.

Wondering why many of us don’t speak up against these harmful practices that keep us awake at night with headaches? The reasons, dear reader, are often quite complex and l will endeavor to unravel them through my 7 part hair series. Check out Part 2.

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