Stepping Out of a Comfort Zone for Growth’s Sake!

Hair Me Out, Part 2: For 15 years I carried around dull and limp hair from bad hair ‘care’ practices. Living in a small predominantly white town with very few black-owned salons made my hair care journey a serious challenge.

This hair is 15 yrs old! I wish i was kidding!

I would drive long distances (exacerbated by traffic) out of town in search of ‘professional treatment’ from hairdressers who sadly, didn’t know any better than I did in hair care. Hairdressers were far too keen on making money off their products and would shove yet another brand of hair pomade in my bag whenever I visited. I ended up with a bathroom cabinet full of assorted pomades that I hardly ever used.

Make That Change!

Fed up with the long drive to salons in heavy Cape Town traffic, petrol costs (depleting my meagre salary) not to mention salon expenses; I cut down drastically on salon visits. Unfortunately, because I had no prior knowledge of good hair care practices, I simply slathered on pomade on a daily bases. There were far more pressing and personal issues to attend to than pay attention to my hair suffocating in grease.

Brighter days ahead!

Stuck in a Job Rut

I was stuck in a comfort zone and desperate for some intellectual challenge and growth. Despite my daily efforts at improving my current situation, nothing changed and so I decided to do something quite drastic. The plan was to fake it till I made it; to actively force myself out of my comfort zone through drastic acts of faith such as drafting resignation letter, intensifying job/school search and applications, backing up files, cleaning out closets, packing up my bags and revamping my outlook in anticipation of take-off. Yup, talk about faith in action. First to go in this long list of clean-up campaign was my limp hair. I was making a fresh start and greasy hair was weighing me down big time. Ha! But was I in for the shock of my life?! Part 3 coming up soon…

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